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golden retriever puppy

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    ake the dog somewhere safe… Like others said probably best to return the dog to its’ mother. You must know by now if your gf has anger issues. Anger issues are one thing but abusing a newborn puppy, or any animal at all, is another issue. If your gf didn’t want it maybe she is resentful you got the dog, taking it out on the dog. If she did want the dog she could be jealous and seeking your attention. I know you walked in and saw this- I don’t know how your house is set up but I usually hear my husband getting home, especially if I’m expecting him. That might provide some insight into why she did what she did. Another reason people abuse animals is sexual abuse. She sounds troubled one way or another. You can talk to your gf but she’s not going to work out her issues fast enough to raise THIS dog.
    If you want to work it out and support her then give the dog back to the mother. You can work with getting your gf help until she is mature enough to take care of an animal. If you want the dog leave the gf. And if your gf is abusive to you go ahead and save yourself that heartache…a cute puppy will keep you the best company.
    The fact the pup is extremely young to be on its own coupled with the fact that its been/being abused you’re looking at having a dog with behavior issues which the dog will carry throughout its’ life. You don’t want your dog attacking you or anyone else. Nor is it fun having a dog you cannot control. As of now you don’t know how often your gf is hurting that dog. Given you can’t trust that you don’t have a choice . Further, the dog isn’t really even at a point where it’s testing nerves. If she can’t handle the dog now she won’t be able to handle the dog for the next year. If that’s the case you will have a trouble dog, ashamed guilty conscious, and some lawsuits for sure. Save everyone the trouble.
    Dogs require a lot of patience, training, and attention the first year. That time is crucial in its development and if you spend that time you will be greatly rewarded for many years.
    It would be better to return the dog and let the dog have a good life instead of it ending up in a shelter or being euthanized. I’m sure you’ve heard all the stories of dogs getting out and killing other people pets and humans. Don’t think for one second that won’t be your dog.
      August 20, 2020 12:28 PM IST
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      May 14, 2019 4:51 PM IST