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Sleeping positions in Dogs -
Ever wondered that even your pooch could show variations in his sleeping positions!!
Well yes, just like humans even a dog experiences different sleeping positions.
Since they cannot express about it as dog owners one is supposed to find out what kind of sleeping position your dog is more accustomed to.
However, here is a list of most common sleeping positions that is evident in dogs -

1) Tummy time - well even your pooch sleep on his Tummy. While sleeping on their stomach their muscles are tense and contracted. This keeps them from drifting into a deep sleep and this could mean that your dog is stressed. Tummy sleepers might react negativity to unfamiliar faces or situation.

2) Side Sleeping - It is one of the most commonly observed sleeping position in dogs and it is considered to be a calm and resting position. A dog sleeping on his side has no worries on his mind and feels comfortable and secure with your presence around.

3) Superpup- It is one of the most cutest sleeping position of a dog. The superpup is when your dog sleeps on his stomach with all 4 limbs extended straight out. From this position it's easy for the dogs to jump on their feet.

4) Crazy leg - This sleeping position will surely tickle your funny bones. In this sleeping position the dog stretches out his 4 limbs up to the sky. Well at a glance it might appear as if it's uncomfortable. But the dogs feel happy and content in this position. By stretching out they tend to release all their stress.

5) Curled up - In a Curled up position the dog sleeps in a tight and an unforgiving position. Because this position allows the dog to protect their belly and share heat in a pack.

These are the 5 most common sleeping positions that can be seen in a dog.
So now when ever you see your dog taking a nap, look out for the sleeping position.
The sleeping position will help in telling you about what kind of personality your pooch has.