About ePets

ePets |
the Pets' Super App

A Community Dedicated to Pets, Pet Parents & Pet Businesses (Products & Service Providers).

It has EVERYTHING for Pets (ePets) in One Single App.


  • Social Networking: It's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  for Pets.

  • OnDemand Services: It's Practo, Urbanclap, Uber for Pets.

  • eCommerce/ Marketplace: It's Amazon, Flipkart for Pets.

  • Directory/ Classifieds: It's OLX, Quikr, JustDial for Pets.

  • Videos & Entertainment: It's Youtube/ Vimeo for Pets.

  • Events & Tickets: It's Insider/ BookMyShow for Pets.

  • News/ Updates: It's ToI, HT, News Portal for Pets.

  • Knowledgebase: It's Wikipedia, Google for Pets.

Our Aim is to create an ecosystem for Pets & bring all Pets, Pet Parents, Pet Businesses, & all animal lovers on a single platform (ePets) so as to mutually help, support & benefit each other.